Thanks to emoticons, people during a conversation can convey personal emotions, soften criticism, and also show their friendliness. As modern research shows, with their help information is better remembered and a person will be happier.

Japanese emoticons are also very popular , which can be found in more detail at

Popularity in social networks

It turns out that positive emoticons make people popular on social media. These users have many friends and business partners. They are active and outgoing.

Emoticons are popular on all social networks. These are Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte. And since kaomoji offers many ways to express emotions, there is a choice.

Positive perception

It turns out that when a person sees a smiley, those parts of the brain that are responsible for perception are activated. That is why a positive face is perceived as a smiling face.

Kaomoji became a new form of language created by humanity. And for its recognition, the brain has its own patterns of behavior. A smiling smile is perceived in the media as an effective method of influence. In addition, people tend to react to faces rather than other categories of objects.

Successful business correspondence

Emoticons are actively used in:

  • personal correspondence;
  • business sphere;
  • correspondence between employees.

Smiley senders are more popular with people. Such letters are considered friendly, even if they are business correspondence. Although earlier it was customary to use only dry tone in it.

Mitigating criticism

If you need to provide an answer in the form of a critical comment about a job, emoticons soften that impression. Thanks to them, there will be no hostile response. This has been identified by Chinese scientists.

After receiving a comment, employees easily accept criticism, get to work, correcting mistakes. Thanks to emoticons, the level of negativity is reduced, and the sender confirms his positive intentions.

Friendliness and competence

Multiple emojis should be used to give the impression of being an intelligent person who is open to communication. The main thing is that the icons are positive.

It is known that emoticons make it easier to remember information. They also increase the ability to learn. And in general, emoticons make work easier, make communication pleasant.