CanvasTextGrabber is a tool designed to extract text from web pages using an interactive and intuitive approach. Users can define the selection area by freely drawing on the screen, and the tool visually highlights the selected text elements. This offers a unique and customizable method for text extraction.




Interactive Drawing:

  • Users can define the selection area by drawing freely on the screen, providing an interactive and intuitive way to choose the desired text.

Visual Highlighting:

  • The tool visually highlights the selected text elements, making it clear which content will be extracted.

Customizable Appearance:

  • Users have the flexibility to customize the line style, canvas appearance, and text highlighting to match their preferences and requirements.

Callback Functions:

  • The tool provides callback functions that notify users when the drawing is finished and when text is successfully selected, enabling additional actions based on these events.

Touch and Mouse Support:

  • CanvasTextGrabber seamlessly supports both touch devices and mouse input, ensuring a smooth user experience across different platforms.


  • CanvasTextGrabber innovates by introducing an interactive drawing approach to text extraction from web pages. This method offers a novel way for users to precisely define the content they want to extract, improving accuracy and usability.


  • CanvasTextGrabber stands out as an innovative tool for web page text extraction. It provides a unique and customizable user experience, making it a valuable asset for tasks that involve extracting specific content from web pages with visual context.