Carouscroll is a web component designed to enhance horizontal scrollable containers by adding next/previous buttons. This component facilitates interactive scrolling and touch-based navigation while maintaining a smooth user experience. Key features include compatibility with scroll or touch interactions, loop functionality for seamless navigation, and the option to place next/previous buttons anywhere in the document.


Interactive Scrolling:

  • Carouscroll supports both scroll and touch interactions, providing users with flexibility in navigating horizontally scrollable content.

No Layout Shift:

  • The component ensures that there is no layout shift, contributing to a stable and consistent user interface.

Smooth Scrolling (Optional):

  • Users have the option to enable smooth scrolling by incorporating the scroll-behavior: smooth attribute.

Loop Functionality (Optional):

  • Carouscroll offers a loop attribute, allowing users to enable looping around from the start to the end of the scrollable container.

Customizable Button Placement (Optional):

  • Next/Previous buttons can be placed anywhere in the document, providing flexibility in the layout and design.

Accessible Slide Number (Optional):

  • The component supports an optional <output> element that can announce the current slide number out of the total number of slides, contributing to accessibility.


  • Users are encouraged to include the provided CSS snippet to ensure optimal performance and prevent layout shifts.


  • Carouscroll innovatively addresses the need for a web component that enhances horizontal scrolling experiences by incorporating next/previous buttons. Its flexibility in interaction, loop functionality, and customizable button placement contribute to a user-friendly and engaging design.


  • The development of Carouscroll showcases innovation in web components, demonstrating how a simple yet effective addition can significantly improve the user experience in horizontal scrollable containers. The component's features cater to a variety of use cases, offering both accessibility and customization options.