Parallax Effect

Parallax scrolling is a popular design technique used in web design to create an illusion of depth and perspective by moving different elements at different speeds. CSS can be used to create a parallax effect on a webpage, adding an extra layer of visual interest and interactivity.

In this article, we'll explore 28 different examples of parallax effect CSS that showcase the style's unique look and feel. Each of these examples has been designed to be visually appealing and engaging, with features like scrolling animation, background image transitions, and custom element positioning.

We'll showcase a range of different parallax effect designs and styles, from simple and minimalistic designs with a clean and modern look, to more complex and elaborate designs with advanced features like parallax background video and interactive scrolling effects.

We'll also provide a brief overview of the CSS code behind each parallax effect, so you can see how they are built and potentially use them as a starting point for your own parallax effect projects.

Whether you're a web designer looking for inspiration and ideas, or a developer looking to enhance the visual impact of your web pages, these 28 parallax effect CSS examples are sure to provide valuable insights and inspiration. So, let's dive in and explore the world of parallax effect design!

1.Parallax Tilt Effect Cards

2.Slider Parallax Effect

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5.Simple Parallax Scrolling

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7.ScrollMagic One-page two navs

8.Parallax without js

9.Parallax - Image with Multiple Layers

10.Easy parallax effect with background-attachment: fixed

11.Simple CSS Waves | Mobile & Full width

12.Parallax scroll animation

13.ScrollTrigger: SVG Text Mask

14.Portfolio parallax page

15.Parallax Flipping Cards

16.Page top parallax

17.Cursor with progress indicator

18.parallax scrolling Header and BG with ◇ indicator


20.CSS mix-blend-mode & Awesome Parallax Scrolling

21.Continuous scrolling background of sticky header

22.Mousemove parallax

23.CSS Sticky Parallax Sections

24.Designmodo's Apple TV Poster Effect

25.Animated SVG scene

26. jQuery Mouse Parallax

27.Parallax.js Design

28.Happy Thanksgiving!