Timelines provide the users with a useful framework that are a great way to make what can often be a huge range of data much more accessible and approachable.

Today we have for you a list of amazing, customize, horizontal timeline powered by CSS and JavaScript.You can put the timelines on your website in various manners.

1.Horizontal Timeline

An easy to customize, horizontal timeline powered by CSS and JavaScript.


A vanilla JavaScript horizontal / vertical timeline.

3.Responsive JavaScript Horizontal Timeline

This is a straightforward and proficient time variant dependent on the horizontal design. In view of CSS, HTML and a couple of JS for the final product, the creator has made a point to keep everything minimal. It includes a basic timeline with the year and the portrayals focused on every button. Indeed, even the animations are super spotless and smooth.


You can easily create the horizontal timeline with two types by using this jQuery plugin.

5.Simple Responsive Horizontal Timeline

This one is a colorful Horizontal timeline. In case you want to create a timetable for your daily activities, then you can think of using this one. On hovering the small circular markers, the information shows up inside a box structure.

6.Horizontal Timeline with Swiper

Horizontal Timeline with Swiper.

7.Horizontal Timeline Responsive

CodePen Home Horizontal Timeline Responsive.

8.Building a Horizontal Timeline With CSS and JavaScript

This is a propelled slider based JavaScript horizontal timelines design example for you to give it a shot. Incredible for explaining and adding in information on that particular event, event or milestone, this straightforward and powerful design merits an attempt.


React horizontal timeline, with line & bullets animation, and content sliding. No Jquery(todo)

10.Horizontal Timeline

11.Responsive history timeline

JavaScript Responsive Web Timelines Design Template.With a design made particularly for dictating and explaining events and history in a simpler and reasonable way, this horizontal timeline is outwardly stunning. Presently not at all like different designs, this is the definition of a slider utilized as a timeline. Each segment contains picture holders just as the text positions to explain the picture.

12.Horizontal Timeline

13.Responsive Horizontal Timeline

14.Javascript Timeline

Taking contrasting shading plans and implementing it onto an enlivened structure, the creator of this design has accepted tastefulness as the entire stylish. Appropriate to show more subtleties onto each marker or one event in turn, this design is certainly more pertinent than a portion of the designs we have referenced on the rundown.

15.Simple Horizontal Timeline with CSS

A simple horizontal timeline example with CSS. – Not responsive